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FarStone One Server

PC image backup

Create "ONE" backup image on a server. Instantly restore the server from the "ONE" image.


DriveClone Server

hard drive cloning software

Dard disk (HDD) & solid state drive (SSD) cloning and migration software.

Total Backup Recovery Server

one of the best backup for home users

One of the most reliable backup solution for servers. Backup, restore, and protect for businesses.

TotalRecovery Tools USB

Unique handy PC tools for pro

Unique handy tools with no installation. Backup, restore, shred, defrag, undelete, eDiscovery, partition, etc.

Total Backup Recovery - business server backup

Total Backup Recovery - Backup and protect business servers and workstations

Cover all the needs. Automatically backs up entire machine, including system, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, movies, documents, and partitions. ... Learn More

News & Events

  10/27/2014   FarStone Released a New Generation PC Recovery Solution for OEM, Business, and Home

  10/08/2014   DriveClone 11 is a Low Cost Drive Mirroring Solution for Business
    04/23/2014   FarStone PC OEM system backup solution