How to Boot UEFI PC from USB flash drive for Windows 7 8 and 8.1

How to boot UEFI server with USB flash drive for Windows 2003, 2008, and 2012 servers?

This article discusses about the easiest and best way to boot an UEFI PC with USB flash

3-Step to boot UEFI computers with USB flash for Windows

Step 1: Insert TotalRecovery Tools USB flash

TotalRecovery USB flash

Step 2: Select “USB HDD: FarstoneTR Tools” from the Boot Manager as follow*

select UEFI boot options for booting from USB flash drive

Step 3: Please be patient! It takes from 1 min to 7-8 min to boot up depending on your system performance.

UEFI booting from USB flash drive

After booting UEFI PC system with TotalRecovery Tools USB flash. You will be able to do disk backup, disk imaging, password reset, disk shredding, rescue files, disk error checking and many other useful functions.

TotalRecovery Tools runs in a secure environment with a self-bootable USB or DVD. Since the tool functions in its own environment, no virus, malicious driver, and malware can interrupt or intercept its operations.” said Peter Lin, Product Manager, Data Protection and Recovery. "TotalRecovery Tools is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use PC tools-set with no installation needed; leaves no imprint on your system.

* Note: There are some PCs do not have an option to boot from a USB flash, you will not be able to boot with a USB flash for these PCs. On this case, you must use TotalRecovery Tools DVD or a Network boot (PXE) (Total Backup Recovery can export a PXE image for your boot from network) to boot your system if your system is crashed.

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