DriveClone FAQs

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Q: I connect my system with 2 hard drives, one for main and another one for mirror drive. In case of hardware failure, I want to boot the PC with the mirror drive. How to do that?

A: You will need to set the DriveClone incremental cloning scheduler (such as once a day)

When should I check "Keep hard drive ID"?

A: There are applications that look for hard drive ID when starting, such as Office & Quickbook. We recommend you to check it when cloning to a new disk.

Q: Do I need to pay annual license fee?

A: There is no annual fee for DriveClone. You can optionally purchase 2 years maintenance plan for free technical supports & free new version upgrades for 2 years.

Q: Do I need another license of DriveClone on another PC?

A: There is no need to purchase license(s) for non-commercial use. You will need to purchase a license for each computer if you intend to use DriveClone in business.

Q: Can clone a duel boot system? The system has 1 hard disk (2TB) with Windows 7 (1T, 64bit) and Windows 8.1(1T, 64bit)

A: DriveClone can clone a duel boot system. Make sure choosing the whole disk for cloning (Don't check partitions).

Q: Where to download FarStone DriveClone Data Migration FREE edition?

A: Goto, click on the "download" button on the right side of the web page. The free version is for home use only. Business should purchase valid licenses.

Q: What happens if I choose not upgrade from DriveClone Free?

A: It will not affect any features or functions offered by DriveClone Free. DriveClone Free is only for home users. Business has to purchase licenses.

Q: Cloning Server 2008 from a 250GB to a 2TB drive. Using your 14 day trial. Please let me know what to expect with my data after the 14 days.

A: The cloned drive (2TB) will run as normal even after 14-day trial. Except DriveClone will display a purchase message when the system boots up. You can enter the serial number anytime.

Q: Should I do anything, such as change BIOS settings, for my cloned disk to boot?

A: No, just relax. DriveClone automatically configures everything required for a cloned disk to boot on a computer.

Q: What differences between "Clone Drive" and "Mirror Drive" features?

A: "Clone Drive" copies the contents of entire disk drive or partition to another disk/partition. "Mirror Drive" will only copy the changed data from the previous cloning or mirroring. If the drive has not been cloned before, "Mirror Drive" will do exactly the same function as "Clone Drive".

Q: Can you create completely and exactly the same disk/partition by using sector-by-sector cloning method?

A: If you check "sector-by-sector" option, DriveClone will clone your hard drive using sector by sector method instead of its intelligent cloning method. You'll get a cloned disk with completely the same disk/partition structure as original disk. We don't recommend using this option. Because it doesn't automatically adjust partitions sizes. For example, if you clone a 500GB hard disk to a 1TB hard disk with "sector-by-sector" method. The cloned (1TB) hard drive will be partitioned as 500MB, and there will be a 500MB unallocated space left on the hard drive.

Q: What happens after cloning a Windows PC with 500MB hard disk (with only C: partition) to a 2TB disk using DriveClone?

A: DriveClone intelligent cloning will clone all partitions, including Windows hidden boot partitions and hidden PC recovery partitions, to the 2TB disk with automatically partition sizes adjustment. The cloned 2TB disk will be bootable and with a 2TB (minus the spaces used for hidden partitions) C: partition.

Q: My disk is Microsoft BitLocker encrypted, can DriveClone clone it?

A: Yes, DriveClone can clone BitLocker encrytion drive to another hard disk or SSD. You will need to turn on BitLocker when you use the cloned drive or SSD to boot up on a system.

Q: Will DriveClone clone OEM RECOVERY partition?

A: Yes, DriveClone is the only disk cloning software retain your OEM hot-key Factory Recovery feature. Other cloning software destroy it and you won't be able to use OEM recovery feature to restore to manufacturer default settings any more.

Q: When I install the trial, the software is asking for serial Number: where can I find this serial number?

A: You can ignore it and please press next to install your trial.

Q: Can clone a Raid 0 array to a single drive. I want to replace 2 340gb sata drives in raid0 array to a single 1 Tb sata drive?

A: Yes, DriveClone can clone a RAID 0 to a hard disk.

Q: When I clone a disc I will get all the files, wrong or not?

A: The cloned drive will run exactly as the original one. DriveClone Smart Cloning intelligently excludes temp files and swapping files from cloning. The cloned drive is logically identical to original drive except it is smaller (20MB~50MB smaller) and full defragged (run 20% faster)

Q: Does DriveClone work with Small business Server 2012 ? I want to upgrade the operating system drive to a much larger SSD drive

A: Please use DriveClone Server edition. It works with Windows 2012 SBS.

Copy a bigger drive to smaller SSD? Can I use driveclone to migrate my Western Digital hard drive to an Intel SSD? My hard drive is 500GB (about 100GB data with 2 partitions C and D), Intel SSD is 256GB. I am using Windows 8.1

A: Yes, DriveClone will be able to migrate your 500GB (with 100GB data and Windows on it) to 256GB SSD. The SSD will be proportionally auto-partitioned according to C: D: sizes.

Q: I used your latest version. After it completed I plugged in computer and it showed - "The copy of Windows is not genuine"

A: The is normal. Your drive has been successfully cloned with DriveClone. When you boot on the cloned drive, Microsoft Windows detects a varieties of things including hard drive unique serial number. The message showed because the cloned drive has not been registered on Microsoft. To eliminate it, you will need to register with Microsoft online.

Can I/How do I use your software to save an image of a hard drive on an external drive without wiping out all my other files on the external drive?

A: To make a backup image of a hard drive or SSD, Please download FarStone Total Backup Recovery.

Q: Hi, my question is. I have RAID 0 using Intel Rapid Storage (1TB), and I want to migrate it to Samsung 840 EVO 1T SSD. I will delete Raid 0 after then.

A: Yes, use DriveClone. DriveClone supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. DriveClone can migrate a RAID to single SSD or HD drive in a just a few clicks.

Q: I understand Incremental cloning. But what is Defrag Cloning and Universal Cloning?

A: If you take your hard disk and put it on another machine, it won't work. Universal cloning resolves this issue and allows the cloned drive to boot on other computers.

Defrag cloning will make your cloned drive in a perfect no defragmentation state. A defragged disk will run 20% faster than normal disk.

Q: My hard disk C: is failing (I guess) and I need to clone it to a new hard drive. What kinds of hard drives can I use?

A: You can use DriveClone or TotalRecovery Tools USB. Make sure your PC supports the new hard drive. Such as sizes and connection types; 3.5"/2.5", SATA/ATA/eSATA. DriveClone supports all sizes and types of HDD and SSD.

Q: Does this work via USB or do I need to install the other hard disk as a second hard disk to use your software?

A: DriveClone supports both ways. Please refer to the photos of both connection ways at the bottom (Screenshots) of DriveClone web page

Q: Is Mirror Drive the same as RAID 1?

A: RAID 1 keeps two hard drives the same at any time. Mirror Drive will make the two hard drives the same when you finish Mirroring process. Mirror Drive also keeps up to 99 previous file versions on the disk, so you can restore to any of the versions any time you want.

Q: Can I use Mirror Drive to boot on a PC system?

A: Yes, Mirror Drive is an exactly same duplication of your hard drive. You can use it any time on your original computer or on a similar computer.

Q: Can I make a SSD-to-HDD clone or HDD-to-SSD migration?

A: Yes, the cloned disk will be bootable if your original disk is bootable.

Q: My PC has 2 partitions C: for Windows and D: for my data. I want to upgrade my C: to a 128GB Intel SSD. Can I just clone C: to the SSD and use the SSD to boot my PC?

A: Yes, with DriveClone, you can choose just cloning partition C: instead of whole disk. The cloned SSD will be bootable.

Q: I want to clone/migrate SSD and hard disk, but don't want to install any software on my computer. Is there a solution for it?

A: Yes, TotalRecovery Tools will be the one for you. All DriveClone disk cloning and data migration features are included in TotalRecovery Tools USB. (Except MirrorDrive and P2V virtualization features)

Q: Does DriveClone data migration software support and compatible with SecureBoot?

A: Yes, DriveClone runs in Windows for the entire data migration process. It requires no reboot, and eliminating the issues with SecureBOOT and UEFI boot problems.

Q: Can I use my computer when DriveClone is migrating my SSD?

A: Yes, DriveClone allows you to keep using computers while migrating to a SSD or a new hard disk.

Q: What kinds of hard drives can I use?

A: DriveClone supports all brands hard disks and SSDs, 3.5" and 2.5". Such as Western Digital, Seagate, and Samsung; SATA, ATA, eSATA and RAID 0/1/5/6/10; all sizes 250GB/1TB/2TB/4TB/6TB and bigger. Please make sure the new hard drive is supported by your system, such as matching the connection interface.

Q: I can use the cloned drive to boot on the original computer, but can I use it to boot on another computer?

A: The cloned drive is able to boot on another computer if it (another computer) supports the Windows of original machine. You will need another DriveClone license for business use.

Q: How to clone a RAID system?

A: You have to select RAID volume as source drive (or destination drive) for cloning RAIDs. To clone a RAID to another RAID, you will need to connect both RAIDs on your system. To clone a RAID to a hard disk, you will need to choose the RAID volume as source and the disk as destination drive.

Q: Can I change my serial number for my current installtion?

A. Click "Help->Change Serial Number" in the DriveClone main UI to enter a new serial number.

Q: For some reasons, the cloned disk doesn't boot?

A: There are a few possibilities for your system doesn't recognize the cloned boot drive. You can use DriveClone built-in tool to fix it. Please refer to DriveClone user's guide.

Q: Would like to know if DriveClone support cloning a server 2008 R2?

A. DriveClone Server supports 2008/2012 servers. If the server uses RAID, please refer to following article for cloning a RAID server