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FarStone Reseller & Partner Program

About FarStone Reseller & Partner Program

We are always looking for new and imaginative ways to package and market our server backup, data disaster recovery and CD/DVD emulation software. FarStone Partner Program offers our resellers new opportunities to increase demand and achieve their business objectives. Benefits such as sales support, resources and NFR (Not-For-Reseller) software are all ways that we can help grow your business.

Excellent Margins

FarStone protects Partner margins on software by using a unique registration process. Each Partner deal that is registered receives margin protection from other partners and FarStone Direct. No orders will be accepted from others for any Partner registered opportunities. This means you can achieve margins without pricing competition from other resellers or FarStone’s sales team.

FarStone Sales Support

FarStone will provide the partner with highly trained professionals to provide technical and sales resources to help you close business. Each partner opportunity is assigned an FarStone salesperson and sales engineer that works for the Partner sales team providing whatever assistance is necessary. This includes demo’s, presentations, AND installation and evaluation support.

NFR & Trial Software

Partner representatives can provide prospects with a complete fully functional FarStone product for testing and evaluation of the technology. In addition, test plans that expose the advantages of the technology can be provided to the prospects as well, insuring that the unique requirements of each customer are satisfied and the advantages that partner brings to the customer are obvious.

Sales Resources

FarStone will provide our partners with everything they need to sell our software. Not only are we available at any point to assist with the sales cycle, FarStone provides tools to help you with the process including: sales and technical Presentations, demo support, competitive information, success stories, and whitepapers.

Marketing Campaign

FarStone’s marketing team has a nurturing campaign to help keep the FarStone name top of mind at our customers. We send weekly emails that discuss the benefits of our solutions, highlight our competitive advantages, introduce a new feature or release, and provide relevant information we think may be of interest to our prospects, customer, and partners.

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