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FarStone Announces DriveClone™ 9 - #1 Professional Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Cloning Software for PCs and Servers

FarStone announces the newest version of DriveClone 9, award winning professional hard drive (HDD) to hard drive and hard drive to solid state drive (SSD) cloning & migration software. DriveClone helps users to easily clone drives, backup drives and upgrade drives.

Irvine, CA. Mar 6, 2013
DriveClone best hard drive and solid state drive cloning

Hard disk to hard disk cloning in a click

Clone Hard Drive and Solid State Drive is never been easier with DriveClone. Thomas Lin, CEO of FarStone

FarStone Technology, known for their award winning DriveClone and backup solutions, has released DriveClone 9 (http://www.farstone.com/software/drive-clone.php) for home and business users. DriveClone clones Windows and all files from original hard drive to a destination hard drive or solid state drive with a few clicks.

DriveClone 9 is an iconic cloning software for hard drives and solid state drives. We are pleased to announce that Drive Clone 9 fully supports Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server systems.” stated Peter Lin, Product Manager of FarStone.

The new version of DriveClone also supports the latest hardware systems, including GPT, RAID and EFI/UEFI computers. Users can immediately use the cloned hard drive and solid state drive to boot the computer system and use applications after cloning, making the hard drive or solid state drive upgrade & transition simple, quick and easy.

“DriveClone is implemented with the most advanced drive cloning technologies including Smart Drive Cloning, Perfect Defrag Cloning, Dissimilar Drive Cloning, Mirror Drive Cloning, Volume Cloning and Automatic Partition Resizing; making the exact copy of the hard drive and SSD more reliable and efficient” Stated Peter Lin.

Browser’s temporary files, Windows caching, swapping files and hard-link files can take up to 60GB of your precious hard drive space. Smart Drive Cloning eliminates these redundant files from copying to the destination drive saving hard drive space. Perfect Defrag Cloning ensures that there is no fragmentation on the cloned drive, which makes the cloned drive (HDD or SSD) run up to 20% faster. Automatic Partition Resizing is a fool proof design that allows users to use DriveClone without the hassles and messes of hard drive partitioning task.

With DriveClone’s Dissimilar Drive Cloning technology, the cloned drive can be used to boot on different computers immediately. This feature allows user to maintain cloned drive as an ideal Mirror Drive or backup drive that can be used to replace failed hard drive or failed computer immediately.

“Upgrade hard drive and solid state drive, clone hard drive and SSD, and migrate computers are never been easier with DriveClone." expressed Peter Lin. “Drive Clone is the most easy-to-use & powerful hard drive and solid state drive cloning & backup solution for PCs and Servers. We will continue improving DriveClone, and offering best values to all our customers. ”

DriveClone 9 New Features:

  • - Professional Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Cloning
  • - One-click SSD & HDD Cloning & Migration
  • - Smart Drive Cloning
  • - Dissimilar Drive Cloning
  • - Create Mirror Drive
  • - Create Backup Drive
  • - Perfect Defrag Cloning
  • - Volume Cloning
  • - UEFI, GPT, 2TB, 2.5TB and 3TB Drive Cloning
  • - Hardware RAID and Software RAID Cloning

DriveClone Other Key Features:

  • - Clone/Copy Hard Drive or Partition(s) or Solid State Drive
  • - Cloned Windows Drive is Bootable
  • - Automatically or Manually Partition(s) Resizing
  • - Copy/Clone Ultrabook Hybrid Disk System
  • - Open File Cloning, Hard Links Cloning
  • - Cloning without Interrupting Current Work

Pricing and availability:

FarStone Drive Clone v9 has standard and server editions. Standard edition supports Windows 8/7/ XP/Vista systems, priced at $39.95 per license. Server edition is designed for Windows 2003/2008/2012 server systems; the price for server edition is $154 per server license. Volume licensing is available from their license programs.

About FarStone Technology, Inc.

FarStone Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in PC and server backup, drive cloning, Disaster recovery and storage management. Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology provides easy-to-use and powerful drive imaging, snapshot recovery, drive partitioning, PC recovery, and dissimilar restore solutions.

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