TotalRecovery Tools

TotalRecovery Tools USB

Unique PC Tools with USB flash - No installation

  • Clone HDD & SSD (keep all software licensing and activation)
  • Undelete files & folders
  • Backup files, Windows, and partitions
  • Supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


Unique handy tools with USB flash, no install

TotalRecovery Tools (TRT)is a powerful and fool-proof PC tools-set with no installation required, leaving no imprint on your system!

TotalRecovery USB flash

Plug & Use, Never Install!

Will Save You Money & Time

Backup the system, upgrade hard disk & SSD, undelete, partitioning, data shredding, and more

Tired of installing software? TotalRecovery Tools USB is the solution for you. Just insert the bootable USB flash (or DVD) and reboot. TotalRecovery USB is able to undelete files, backup Windows & the entire system, clone disks/SSD, reset forgotten login passwords, shred data on disks, and rescue files in a crashed system. All will be performed in a secure recovery environment from outside of Windows; there is no software or driver installation. Leaves your system intact.


Cloning one drive to another works perfectly with software licensing intact

... restore process does create an identical Windows system, but for some reason some of my licensed graphics software (Photoshop, Fast Picture Viewer) defaults back to unregistered mode. Cloning one drive to another works perfectly, with software licensing intact - Gary

i will switch to your software

previously I have been a Acroxxx loyalist, so now i will ... switch to your software now. and have used the Apricxxx software too, but that proves unreliable in todays new BIOS changes. - David

Finally, I found this powerful tools.

I was looking for this for long time. I really like Total Tools. - Tom

I must say this is a great tool that saves my time.

I have a small shop that fix computers. - Bob

It worked. Thank you!

I used Farstone USB to upgrade my system with a new 1TB 2.5" WD hard drive. It is handy without installation. It worked. - William

TotalRecovery Tools is the most user friendly bit of backup gadgetry I have ever seen. This is THE TOOL FOR YOU! -

Data Migration made easy

Supports: Intel, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, and other SSDs; Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, and Samsung Hard Disks.

Will increase SSD life-time expectancy and performance (up to 20%) with its exclusive Perfect Defrag and Smart Cloning features. unique

TRT USB has been well tested on all of top SSD products, such as Intel SSD, Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, Sandisk SSD and Lenovo SSD. It will defrag all files in memory before writing to SSD drive. There is no installation required! With peace of mind, Total Tools USB simply works and will save you time.

TRT USB performs its defragmentation on-the-fly during the data migration, which allows the new drive to be compacted and function as efficiently as possible. TRT excludes unnecessary files from cloning, such as Windows and browser temp files; On average, it saves between 10GB-70GB drive space and cloning time. Smart cloning is especially important for SSD migration where disk space is essential.

Note: All disk cloning and data migration features of DriveClone are included in TotalRecovery Tools USB. (Except MirrorDrive and P2V virtualization features) more info about DriveClone

eDiscovery data clone & backup! New!

eDiscovery is useful for corp. counsels, legal departments, attorneys and detectives.

When you copy a file normally, its metadata and attributes, such as the "Created" and "Accessed" dates, would be altered. TotalRecovery Tools will preserve, copy, and backup collected files with NO impact on the collected systems. TotalRecovery Tool allows you to clone & collect the ORIGINAL metadata and attributes, then saves them as a backup image. TotalRecovery Tool can also completely restores data and all its corresponding metadata & attributes as original. And TRT leaves no imprint on the system.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-use, no installation
  • Fool proof self-bootable USB flash and DVD
  • Preview & restore the whole system or specific files from a backup image new
  • eDiscovery secure data collection! new
  • Undelete files and folders new!
  • Disk shredding report new!
  • Fix the most common boot issues new!
  • Hard disk cloning and SSD migration (support clone to smaller HDD/SSD)
  • Hard drive & Windows system backup (Imaging)
  • File/folder backup
  • Hard disk partitioning tool*
  • Clone to bigger and small hard disks
  • Secure military grade shredder (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Support BitLocker encryption system
  • Windows and Windows Server Login Password Recovery
  • Recover files/folders from a damaged system
  • Universal Restore and Universal Boot unique!
  • Perfect Defrag when backup the whole system unique!
  • Smart Cloning unique!exclude unnecessary files and save 10G-70G space & time
  • Supports SecureBoot, UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk and RAID Systems
  • Supports huge sizes hard disks and SSDs (80GB to 6TB)
  • Support Windows, Windows Servers, Linux (*some features might not work for Linux)

*Note: To launch Disk Partition Tool - Click "Open Explorer Windows" >> Right Click on "My Computer" >> Select "Computer Management" >> Click on "Disk Management"

PC migration with no installation exclusive!

Upgrade with a new SSD or new hard disk

TotalRecovery Tools is a complete PC backup and disk imaging on a USB flash (key) drive. You simply plug the USB key into your computer and reboot. TotalRecovery Tools allows you to save a copy of your entire hard drive to any storage location, such as external USB hard drives, shared network drives, cd/dvd's, NAS, RAID or iSCSI storages. TotalRecovery Tools also makes it easy to migrate your data to a larger (or smaller) hard drive such as upgrading to a SSD.

Military grade shredder exclusive!

Securely purge all sensitive data permanently! Delete everything on a disk before assigning to a new employee, donating, or throwing it away.

Windows file system, drivers, snapshot, applications,and backup software leave traces of your sensitive data on hard drive. When you delete a file, these traces still remain on your hard drive and can be recovered by computer forensics.

TotalRecovery Tools' shredder will wipe out all data from outside of Windows and is compliant to military US DoD 5220.22-M clearing standard, 100% securely deleting all data on a hard drive. Totally remove financial data, confidential emails, and other sensitive files.

Rescue your data when Windows crashes!

Rescue your data instantly!

In the event of a PC crash due to Windows or software issues. TotalRecovery Tools is able to boot the PC into Farstone Recovery manager, where you can browse data and rescue your precious files with a peace of mind.

Hard Disk Partitioning and Management Tools

Allows you to create, format, delete and manage partitions. All data will be lost when a partition is deleted.

TotalRecovery Tools is a secure solution!

TotalRecovery Tools runs in a secure environment with a self bootable USB or DVD. Absolutely no hacker, virus, adware, malicious driver, or malware that can interrupt and intercept its operations. For example, TotalRecovery Tools is the only product that can do "secure data shredding". It is almost not possible to securely shred data under Windows, because a malicious Windows driver could intercept the operations. TotalRecovery Tools is a powerful, fool-proof, fast and easy to use PC tools-set with no installation required, leaving no imprint on your system!

TotalRecovery Tools USB Screenshots

  • total recovery tools Booting
    1 - Insert USB, configure BIOS, and Reboot (mouse over for next)
    total recovery tools UI
    2 - Main UI (Boot from DVD or USB flash)
    total recovery tools disk backup
    3 - PC System Imaging Backup
    total recovery tools System Restore
    4 - Restore (Universal Restore Included)
    total recovery tools Undelete
    5 - Undelete Files/Folders
    total recovery tools preview files in a backup image
    6 - Browse and Preview Files in a Disk Backup Image
    total recovery tools CMD line
    7 - Command Line - Run commands and programs
    total recovery tools check HDD errors
    8 - Check Hard Drive for Errors
    total recovery tools Shredder
    9 - A Secure Shredder - shred data from outside of Windows
    total recovery tools Recover Password
    10 - Windows and Windows Server local Password Reset
    total recovery tools UEFI boot
    11 - Configure UEFI Boot Options
    total recovery tools Disk Clone
    12 - Clone Disk and Clone Partition - Support UEFI and GPT
    total recovery tools RAID
    13 - Add Driver for a new RAID or a new hardware
    total recovery tools Disk to disk clone
    14 - Disk to Disk Cloning
    total recovery tools Disk Management
    15 - Disk/Partition Management

Buy TotalRecovery Tools USB

You will receive the product (self-bootable USB + DVD + quick guide) via priority package in 1-3 days in US. International takes around 7-10 days.

1 x TotalRecovery Tools USB & DVD

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Technician Licenses handy-tool for technicians

List: $1,999 $995
TRT Technician license


License for a technician to use, fix, and repair for unlimited number of computers.

For more pricing? please click here!

What's New?

  • Support Windows 10 & Server 2016
  • Enhance Dissimilar Restore when backing and restoring between two different PCs
  • Restore specific files from a backup image
  • Data shredding generates a detail report new!
  • Tools to fix the most common boot issues new!
  • Support backup to storages on wireless routers new!

Undelete: recover lost data in a click

  • Incidental file deletion with human error
  • Virus infection
  • Improper shut down
  • Windows crash
  • Files lost for unknown reason
  • Emptying the contents of Recycle Bin
  • Formatting of disk or USB drives

"Undelete will rescue files and folders accidentally deleted when no backup was done before the incident."

TotalRecovery USB Editor's Reviews:

most user friendly bit of backup gadgetry I have ever seen ... this is THE TOOL FOR YOU!


Here is a solution without installing on the computer

This tool gives you peace of mind: everything on your computer is safe and you will be able to migrate from your PC to another.

We like: the possibility to launch the program outside of Windows, the disk and partition cloning tool, the compatibility with Linux, and the interface

Your USB-based applications are great and so easy and convenient to use with no installation required, I love this! — Robert S.

Quick Guide


Q: How to boot from USB flash or CD?

A: Please google "how to boot from usb" with your computer models, such as HP or Dell. For example:

How to boot from USB?
Dell how to boot from USB?
HP how to boot from USB?

Q: Is there a download available? I could then put it on a disk and Key myself!

A: The product comes in a read-only USB flash and a DVD. You can use the USB flash to boot system and perform varieties of functions. Such as system backup, disk copy, undelete files, rescue files, shred disk, password recovery, etc… The shipping time is in 2-4 days. For any reason if you don't like the product, you can simply return for a full refund.

Q: Does it support Windows servers?

A: Yes, both the USB flash and DVD support Windows 7/8/8.1 and Server 2003/2008/2012 all editions.

Q: Does it support PAD?

A: TotalRecovery Tools supports PADs running Windows.

Q: What are the differences between CD and USB flash versions?

A: There differences are USB version is 64-bit with best performance; The CD version is 32 bit and compatible to 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Q: Once booted with the DVD or USB stick, will the USB ports fully support USB 2.0/3.0 speeds?

A: It fully supports the USB 1/2/3 or any other speed you might have

Q: Does it support SecureBoot?

A: The USB flash and DVD both support SecureBoot

Q: What are the differences between DriveClone and TotalRecovery Tools?

A: The differences are: DriveClone - Need installation, has MirrorDrive and incremental cloning features; TotalRecovery Tools - No installation required, it has other handy features such as shredder, undelete, partition, system imaging, etc...

Q: Does it support Windows BitLocker encryption?

A: Yes, BitLocker encrypted drive is supported. You will be prompted with the BitLocker log in once you have restored an encrypted backup image to a PC system. You will need to turn on BitLocker when you use the cloned drive (cloned from an encrypted disk) to boot up on a system.

Q: What Perfect Defrag does?

A: TotalRecovery Tools performs its defragmentation on-the-fly during the data migration (disk cloning) and PC imaging (backup), which allows the new drive to be compacted and function as efficiently as possible. The newly compacted drive decrease read/write overheads, and ultimately increase the drive's performance and life span.

Q: What is Smart Cloning?

A: Smart Cloning excludes unnecessary files from cloning and backing up, such as Windows and browser temp files, hard link files, and swapping files; on average, it saves between 10GB-70GB drive space and cloning time.

Q: Can I format disks, delete & create partitions?

A: Yes, Total Tools comes with a disk management function for deleting, formating, partitioning, etc..

Q: How can you prevent somebody else to get into my computer and reset my passwords??

A: We can not. We recommend you to enable encryption, such as Bitlocker. Password reset is a tool to help you out if you forgot your password.