One Recovery

Make an exact copy of your system in your spare space

  • Instant Recovery
  • You Can Restore any Files or the Entire System


FarStone One Recovery is a state-of-art recovery software. One creates a golden image on system, a user can instantly restore a system, and revert/undo any changes to a system with the image. Managing computers in labs, libraries, companies, and schools has become easy and simple.

What makes One Recovery different from others is that it creates a golden image on a system drive; and a user can restore the whole system, and undo any un-wanted changes by simple "reboot" the system.

Fix any issues by simply "Reboot"

System will be restored to its golden state in 3 minutes..

One Recovery backs up files, applications, settings, Windows, and the whole system in a golden image. The golden image can be stored on system drive or an external/network storage.

What's New for One Recovery v1.10?

  • Restore-on-Boot - This feature is useful for public computers, such as in libraries, QA testing, Kiosks, shared computers, schools, etc..
  • Rapid Restore - Restore a failed system in 3 minutes
  • Preview - View and access files in the golden mage without the need to restore them first

Create Bootable Rescue USB (CD)

With unique dynamically PE technology, TotalRecovery will automatically insert all required drivers and applications on the bootable USB or CD.

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ONE Server

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System Requirements

  • 256MB RAM, 512MB free hard disk space
  • One: Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • One Server: Windows 2008/2012/2016
Virtual Drive Review

One Recovery Editor's Reviews:

A simple and efficient backup and restoration tool - Softpedia

by Alexandra Sava @ Editor 5 stars

FarStone One Features/Benefits

Feature / Edition

One Recovery Pro

One Recovery Server


Download One Pro v1.10

14-day full function free trial

Download One Server

14-day full function free trial

Support Windows 10/8/7

Complete Backup - Backup files, partitions, disk, and the whole system

Backup Image - Create a backup image on system drive or external/network storage. Other products can't create backup image on system drive

Rapid Restore Technology - Restore a failed system in 3 minutes. Other products take 2-3hours to restore a failed system

Preview Files - View/open files in a backup image without the need to restore. Other products might need to restore files first

AES Encryption - Compression, encryption, password protection to protect unauthorized access to your precious files in a backup image

Hot-Key Recovery - Restore from boot menu (using a hot key). Press UP or DOWN arrow key to enter into recovery.

Rescue Media - Create bootable rescue CD. A user can use the rescue media to boot a crashed system for restoration

Restore-on-Boot - Unique feature to restore a system to a golden state on reboot. It fixes all issues by rebooting.

Universal Restore - This feature is useful for upgrading to a new hard drive/SSD or a new system

Double-click backup image - View files in the backup image by double-click

Create multiple recovery images

Support Windows Server 2008/2012/2016

Windows Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-v Servers

Create a recovery image on your system!

Step 1 - Install One


Step 2 - Create Recovery Image

Create an image on your system (C:) or external/network storages.

Step 3 - Restore System in 3 minutes

Restore entire system from boot menu in one click (using a hot key) or upon reboot

Step 4 - Rapid Restore

With Rapid Restore feature, it takes 3 minutes to restore a system. All issues fixed and lost files restored..

Create recovery image


Restore in One click

Restore files, folders, applications, and the whole system.

Advanced PC Recovery

Restore system when system reboot or with One click

Easy to use user interface

User friendly UI design

Rapid Restore performance is 60x faster