Total Backup Recovery ® 10 2014

Simply backup everything in an encrypted image file

  • Backup system files, applications, emails, music, photos, and all partitions
  • Disk imaging & incremental backup with automatic scheduler
  • Create bootable rescue USB/CD to recover lost data


Backup and protect everything on your computer

Total Backup Recovery automatically backs up your entire machine, including system files, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, movies, documents, and all partitions.

What makes Total Backup Recovery different from other backup software is that it not only backs up all data on a system, it automatically defrags all files, removes junks, resizes partitions, encrypts data, 20x time rapid system restore, and covers all the needs for protecting your system and files.

Total Backup Recovery covers all needs
PC Magazine review total backup recovery

"Reliable and up-to-date backups are extremely necessary and important. Total Backup Recovery covers all the needs."

Reliable and Trusted

Trusted software since 1993

Total Backup Recovery backs up everything important on your system, including Windows system files, hot-keys, photos and videos, all documents, and all hidden partitions on your system.

Total Backup Recovery doesn't just create a backup, it keeps a continuous incremental backups over time, allowing you to go back in time to restore files and system from the backup images. With its intuitive user interface that helps most users to backup their data and system in a few clicks. The intelligent scheduler will automatically back up your files & system as you work.

hard drive failure

Cover all the needs, since 1993
"A reliable backup is essential for a totally data & system recovery. FarStone backup solution is protecting millions of users and is a name that you can trust. "


"I have to admit I like it very much. Impressive !"

I did my first tests on 64-bit Win7 laptop and I have to admit I like it very much. Especially the Recovery Boot Manager which I created on Bootable 64-bit USB disk. Explorer view, mapping drives (I tested with other PCs and Synology NAS) and easy network setup. Impressive !. - Paul

"I find Farstone superior in ease and product."

I find Farstone superior in ease and product. I tried your trial version 10.03 today on a couple of Windows 8.1 computers and it worked great. Had to have it. While I have other major products for creating multiple backups (I learned the hard way) e.g. Acronis, Norton Ghost, Spotmau, Macrium Reflect, I find Farstone superior in ease and product. - Sal, California

"My StarCraft saved"

so in the end of the day: the cat got wet, reinstalled my game, killed alot of aliens:D. - Alex

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Total Backup Recovery Key Features

  • Reliable system backup and protection (imaging)
  • Full, incremental, and differential backup
  • Backup data, Windows, hidden partitions, and every on your system
  • Disk image with patented file level backup technology
  • Backup and retain your PC OEM factory recovery partition and hot-key unique!
  • Open file and database backup
  • Create bootable rescue media (Recovery Manager) on CD or USB flash
  • Replicate to ftp server as a duplicated backup
  • AES 256 bit encryption, compression, and password
  • One-click system backup
  • Universal restore to dissimilar computers
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backup scheduler
  • Rapid restore a system in minutes unique!
  • Perfect Defrag unique!
  • Smart Backup unique!exclude unnecessary files, save 10G-70G space & time
  • Remote administration console (available for workstation and server editions)
  • Email notification for status of a scheduled backup
  • Auto run pre/post commands of a scheduled backup
  • Partition management tools (Recovery Manager)
  • Cold disk imaging backup (Recovery Manager)
  • Recover files/folders from a damaged system (Recovery Manager)
  • Support cloud backup, such as SkyDrive, DropBox, Google Drive
  • Convert to VMware or Hyper-v (P2V and V2P)
  • Bare-metal system restore
  • Browse, and restore selected files in a backup image
  • Quota management
  • Support BitLocker encryption system
  • Supports SecureBoot, UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk and RAID Systems
  • Supports all sizes hard disks and SSDs (80GB to 6TB)
  • Supports Windows new REFS file system
  • Cover all your needs, since 1993

Total Backup Recovery Editions

Rapid Restore unique!

20X times faster

Rapid Restore technology is exclusive to FarStone. When performing rapid restore, it will only restore those files have been changed since last backup. Thus Rapid Restore is the only solution capable of totally bringing a crashed system back to live in minutes. For example, a typical Windows system normally has more than 100,000 files, Total Backup Recovery only restores those files that have been changed since last backup (normally in hundreds) vs other imaging products restore all 100,000 files. That's why Total Backup Recovery is 20 times faster than its competitors.

Rapid Restore

Secure & Super Fast!
"Rapid Restore takes only minutes to totally restore an entire system. "

Full, Incremental, and Differential

Greatly reduce the backup time

Total Backup Recovery backs up everything on your computer for the first time (Full backup). The next backup can be incremental or differential. Incremental mode backs up only changed data since your last incremental backup. Differential backup backs up all changed data since your last full backup. The backup time is significantly reduced for incremental and differential backups.

Incremental and differential backup

Secure Cloud Backup

Backup to with 256 AES encryption

Total Backup Recovery automatically recognizes your cloud storage, such as SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Drop Box, and allows you to backup to your cloud storage directly.

We recommend you to backup your sensitive data with encryptions. FarStone Total Backup Recovery automatically encrypts all data in backup image, thus it prevents un-authorized access to your files.

Encryption cloud backup

Integrated with your cloud storage
"Protect your data from prying eyes with secure AES 256 encryption"

Backup PC Factory Recovery Partition and Hot-key unique

Most modern computers come with their hot-key factory recovery functions, such as Asus, HP, Dell, and Acer. Users can use hot-keys to reset their systems back to their factory settings. With peace of mind, FarStone Total Backup Recovery retains your hidden recovery partition & OEM recovery hot-key functions for a total system restoration.

PC hotkey restore for HP, Dell, Acer and Asus

Your factory recovery partitions and hotkeys will be backed up and restored. unique!
Acer: Alt+F10
Asus: F9
Dell: Ctrl+F11
HP: F11

Restore a system in 3 steps

To restore a failed system takes only 3 steps. 1. Use "Rescue Media" to create a bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB flash. 2. Boot system with the rescue media. It will boot into "Recovery Manager" environment. 3rd, Select "Restore" from Recovery Manager, follow instructions to completely restore your system.

system restore

Total Backup Recovery allows you to create a bootable rescue media on USB flash or DVD.

TotalRecovery 日本語版はこちらへ

Multilingual: English, French, Italian, Chinese-Trad, Chinese-Sim, and German

Download Total Backup Recovery

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What's New?

  • Rapid Restore unique
  • Recover Factory Partition & Hot keyunique
  • Defrag Backup unique
  • Cloud Backup new!

TRP Review

Total Backup Recovery Editor's Reviews:

"Reliable and up-to-date backups are extremely necessary and important. FarStone Total Backup and Recovery Server covers all the needs"

Windows Source Review for Total Backup Recovery

"Does it well, with a simple interface and stability."

Windows Source Review for Total Backup Recovery

"One of the best disk imaging software solutions"

TotalRecovery Editor's Pick


Patent information

FarStone Total Backup Recovery is protected with following United States patents

FarStone Total Backup Recovery is also protected with following international patents

  • TW: I221236
  • TW: 163899
  • TW: I234947
  • TW: 176355
  • TW: 200796
  • TW: 561742
  • TW: I253599
  • CN: ZL02252708.7
  • CN: ZL02252707.9
  • KR: 10-2006-0083165

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Q: Does your product interfere with or make changes in any way to "MBR, HHD's boot sector, Master File Table(s)?

A: No.

Q: Any issues with "Check disk" and "Defrag"?

A: No. TBR is fully compatible to "Check disk" and "Defrag"

Q: How long for uninstallation?

A: It takes only seconds to uninstall TBR.

Q: Can I backup Microsoft BitLocker encrypted drive with Total Backup Recovery?

A: Yes, Total Backup Recovery fully supports BitLocker encrypted drive. You will be prompted with the BitLocker log in once you have restored an encrypted backup image to a PC system.

Q: can I restore my c drive with windows not booting?

A: Yes, Total Backup Recovery allows you to create a rescue bootable media on either CD/DVD or an USB flash. You can use the rescue media to boot your system into "recovery manager" if Windows doesn't boot. And then restore your system from it.

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Backup Functions

One-click Backup

Total Backup Recovery one-click backup feature allows you to backup entire PC in one click.

Backup open files and databases

Total Backup Recovery utilize Windows Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) to synchronize with other VSS aware applications and guarantee all files backed up are consistency even open files.

Hard Disk Imaging Backup

Hard disk imaging backup is also called as full or complete disk backup. All user files, folders, favorites, applications, settings and Windows will be completed backup to an image file.

Full, Incremental or Differential Backup

Full backup backs up everything on your system. While incremental backs up only the differences or changes of data from the last backup. Differential backup will back up the changed data from a full backup.

File Backup

Backup selected files, folders, or types of files.

Powerful Scheduler

FarStone Total Backup Recovery provides a powerful backup scheduler. You can setup for daily, weekly or monthly for a backup job. Each schedule specifies the time of the backup, the type backup, location of the backup, pre and post commands for before and after the backup, quota management, password requirements, encryption length, network bandwidth, etc ...

Disaster Recovery

Hard disk bare-metal restore

Restore your computer from scratch in the event of a hard-disk failure; restore an exact copy of your computer to a new hard drive.

Dissimilar Restore and Universal Restore

With Total Backup Recovery build-in Dissimilar Restore feature, you can restore to original or similar computer, or even to a virtual machine without any hassle.

Restore files

You can recover individual folders or files from disk-image backup to original, desktop or specified location.

Browsing and mounting backup images

Browse backup image file to locate the files you want to restore.

New Features

Intuitive Scheduler

Enhanced easy to use scheduler let you create "one time" and "recurring" backup schedules step by step.

Rapid Restore system in 3 minutes

Rapid Restore merely restores only the changed files and greatly improve restoration efficiency.

Save Factory Image

For a brand computer, there would be a built-in factory recovery image, and Total Backup Recovery will not affect it during its backup or restore.

Backup P2V

Improved virtualization technology to directly back up your PC into virtual machine image. Allows you to run it in virtual machine immediately.

Total Backup Recovery Server

For Windows 2003/2008/2012 Servers


14-day full-function trial

Latest version: v10.03

Server backup & system protect solution!

1 Server License
$799.00 $699.00(save $100)
Buy DriveClone Server

Need more licenses: Volume licensing

Total Backup Recovery Storage Edition

Unlimited licenses for all servers and workstations at a reasonable fix price.

Click here to submit your inquiry.

or Call sales: 1-949-336-4321

Compare Editions

Features Total Recovery Pro Total Backup Recovery Workstation Total Backup Recovery Server
MSRP $49.95 $69.95 $799
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP      
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012      
EFI/UEFI/GPT PC System Support      
Soft RAID and Hardware RAID Support      
Complete PC Backup (Full Backup)      
Incremental Backup      
Differential Backup      
Schedule Backup      
Remote Backup (ftp)      
Perfect Defrag (Boost Drive Performance 20%)      
Automatic Partition Resizing      
Smart Backup (Eliminate junk files 10GB-50GB)      
Dissimilar/Universal Restore      
File/Folder Backup      
Restore Specific Files/Folders      
Browse/Retrieve Files in Backup Image      
Create Bootable Rescue CD/DVD/USB      
Data Recovery (Retrieve Files from a Crashed System)      
Boot into Recovery Manager from PXE      
VMWare and Hyper-V Support      
Centralized Management Console      

Competitive Products Comparation

Features FarStone Backup Acronis Backup Symantec Backup
Price for Server $799 $1,224 $1,380
Price for Workstation $59.95 $99 $99
Dissimilar/Universal Restore Free $318 -
Tech Support Free Additional cost Additional cost
Backup to online storage      
EFI/UEFI/GPT PC System Support      
Soft RAID and Hardware RAID Support      
Complete PC Backup (Full Backup)      
Incremental and Differential Backup      
Schedule Backup      
Centralized Management Console      
Backup to VMware and Hyper-v image file directly      
Exchange, Oracle, Sharepoint, and other Application Servers Backup      
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012      
Rapid Restoration Unique Feature No No
Preserve OEM Factory Image After Restore Unique Feature No No
Perfect Defrag (Boost Drive Performance 20%)   No No



TotalRecovery Pro

Operating System Supported

  • Windows 8.1 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows XP (32 & 64-bit)

Languages supported in one package:

English, French, Italian, Chinese-Trad, Chinese-Sim, and German.


Total Backup Recovery Server

Operating System Supported

  • Windows 2012 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 2003 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, & Hyper-v

Languages supported in one package:

English, French, Italian, Chinese-Trad, Chinese-Sim, and Japanese.

Total Backup Recovery Workstation

Operating System Supported

  • Windows 8.1 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows XP (32 & 64-bit)

Languages supported in one package:

English, French, Italian, Chinese-Trad, Chinese-Sim, and Japanese.

Storage Supported

  • Any size Hard Drive (250MB/320MB/500MB/750MB/1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB and bigger)
  • Any Branded Hard Drive (WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Fujitsu)
  • Any size SSD
  • RAID (soft RAID and hardware RAID)

Backup Destination

  • Any Size Drives (Internal Hard Drive, External USB Hard Drive, USB Flash, SSD (Solid State Drive), Firewire (IEEE 1394) Device)
  • Network Share Folder, Network Drive, NAS (Network Attached Storage), iSCSI, and iPSAN Storage
  • RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD Disk Array
  • CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW
  • FTP Offsite Backup