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  1. Do you offer money-back guarantee?

    FarStone offers "30-Day Money Back Purchase Guarantee" for all products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your FarStone product, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

  2. Can I ask replacement of a new edition?

    If within 45 days of your software purchase you find that FarStone has released a new version of the same software title you purchased, or if your product has been replaced by a similar product, we will provide you with a free upgrade to the new FarStone product. Please submit a support ticket to request a new license. If you have recently purchased an outdated FarStone software title from a store or online retailer and find that the title is no longer supported by FarStone, you may upgrade to a newer version at a reduced price. Please submit a support ticket to obtain upgrade pricing.

  3. Where may I purchase FarStone software?

    FarStone Technology products may be downloaded from our online product pages or from any of our reseller partners. If you originally purchased backup & recovery products from an authorized FarStone Technology Value Added Reseller (VAR), you may wish to purchase any additional licenses through that reseller.

  4. What are the latest software editions and prices?

    The latest editions and prices (MSRP) are posted on the product web pages. Usually you can find them around the software download buttons.

  5. How are your products licensed?

    Each product is licensed per machine, unless otherwise stated (i.e. purchasing a multiple license bundle). If you wish to install and activate the product on multiple machines, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

  6. If I purchase FarStone’s software, do I download it, or will you send me official product CDs in the mail?

    You will have the option during the purchase to request a product CD by mail (for a small shipping fee), or you may choose to download the software. The download comes in the form of a an executable installer to install the software in Windows.

  7. When I purcase your software. There is an optional "Bootable Rescue Disc" item. What is it?

    "Bootalbe Rescue Disc is a self-bootable DVD. You will need it to boot your PC when the Windows crashes. With the Bootalbe Rescue Disc, you can rescue files reside on a crashed system, make a PC system image backup, restore PC from a FarStone backup image, partitioning a disk, and diagnose hard disk.

  8. Where may I download your software user's guide?

    All of our current product user's guide are available at: download center

  9. What is your technical support policy?

    FarStone offer free phone and email support to all registered customers. We encourge our customers to submit a support ticket for any technical questions!

  10. Do I need to activate and register the product?

    You have to activate the software in 30 days. By activating and registering your FarStone products, you will receive free technical support, free product updates and related product information and promotions.

  11. Do you support Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems?

    Yes! All FarStone products support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.

  12. How long will it take for a "TotalRecovery Tools USB" and "Bootable Rescue Disc" to be delivered (mailed)?

    We ship all orders within 24 hours normally via USPS first-class mail. If you demand an express delivery, please contact our sales department.

  13. Is FarStone a public traded company? May I invest in FarStone?

    FarStone is a private company. Please email us for any interests in partnership and investments.

  14. The software I purchased is for 64 bit my computer can only load 32 bit software What can I do?

    Here 32-bit means your CPU is 32-bit, not your OS type; if your CPU supports 64-bit, we’ll think your computer as 64-bit.
    In addition, our software supports both 32-bit & 64-bit. The difference is: for 32-bit computers, you need download an program from our website to make bootable media; while 64-bit computers don’t have such limitation. We recommend you to order a "Bootable Rescue Disc", it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systesm.

  15. I have a laptop that will not boot. Will any of your products help me boot and recover from whatever it is that is causing the issue, assuming it is not a hardware issue?

    I don’t think there is a secure way to fix an unbootable system. We suggest you to first, copy important files from hard drive and then use your factory restoration to restore your system back to original state (if your laptop is a software failure). FarStone Total Backup Recovery software allow you to create a rescue bootable DVD/USB. You need to use another PC to create it. Then use the DVD/USB to boot your crashed laptop. It will boot into FarStone Recovery Manager, click “Explore” to browser hard drive. Copy your personal files to a USB flash. We recommend you to order a "Bootable Rescue Disc", it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systesm.

  16. What exactly is a VirtualDrive?

    It is a CD emulation device that emulates the functionality of a CD/DVD-ROM drive, and appears as a drive letter in Windows Explorer. A virtual drive runs Virtual CDs (or VCDs) at faster speeds than a physical disc.

  17. Why is the time for building protected CDs much longer than building other sorts of CDs?

    To avoid the long wait, you must build protected CDs with intelligent extraction, otherwise it will take longer to complete, or the VCD will be unreadable after it is complete. Also, at the beginning of the building, VirtualDrive slows down the speed while reading data from a protected area on the CD (laserlock, safedisk, securom), so the time estimated to finish will be prolonged. The VirtualDrive will speed up once it is finished building the protected area, and the time remaining will be reduced as well

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