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Clone & copy of a hard disk/SSD in 3-clicks

World #1 in disk cloning & migration solution

A time & money saver for computer backup & migration

DriveClone is a disk cloning application, designed to help you create full disk cloning, incremental backups and file version duplicates. It  creates an exact copy of your computer’s hard drive or duplicate only the selected disks and partitions. The cloned  disk is bootable so you do not need to reinstall the operating system, drivers and applications when upgrading to a new drive.

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DriveClone does sector-by-sector or file-by-file cloning intelligently. All data files, system files, applications, preferences, contacts,  photos, and partitions will be completely cloned. But makes DriveClone outstanding from similar applications is that it automatically resizes destination disk partitions, excludes junk files, defrags disk, retains disk GUID and does incremental cloning.

Why you need a DriveClone?

  • upgrade a hard drive with SSD
  • disk space runs low, upgrading to bigHDD
  • make a complete PC backup
  • migrate to a new PC
  • when upgrades, I don't have a license/activation code for an application

DriveClone can do any of above in 3-clicks.


DriveClone Main Features:

  • Supports Windows 7/8/10 and servers
  • Make an exact copy of Hard disk or SSD
  • Sector-by-sector or file-by-file cloning
  • Adjust partition size
  • Exclude files/folders *
  • Clone a disk/SSD to a different sizes disks
  • Incremental cloning (mirror drive) *
  • Rapid cloning (2X faster)
  • Partition 4K aligned *
  • Tools to fix boot issues & retain GUID
  • Cloned disk is immediately bootable
  • Smart cloning saves up to 70GB by excluding temp and redundant files
  • Keep up to 99 file versions on MirrorDrive *
  • Defrag Cloning will increase life-span & performance
  • Clone a PC to VMware & Hyper-v virtual machines *
  • Support SecureBoot, GPT, UEFI, and Dynamic Disk
  • Support all sizes (64GB/128GB/260GB/500GB/750GB/1TB/2TB/4TB or larger)
  • Clone a Raid to a disk or clone a disk to a Raid

DriveClone free:  features with * are not included and a popup message on boot-up

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DriveClone downloads:

DriveClone download

DriveClone Manual open it

DriveClone Server download

DriveClone Server Manual open it

DriveClone Free ** download

For evaluations: Please download & install without entering a serial number.

System requirements: All versions support Windows 7/8/10. Server version supports Windows Servers.

** Refer to "Main Features" on left for differences between free and licensed editions.


How to clone or upgrade/migrate a laptop?

>>> Step-by-step guide

cloning laptop

1. Insert a new HDD/SSD in an external USB enclosure & connect it to your laptop

2. Install DriveClone

3. Use DriveClone, select "Clone disk" to clone your laptop to the new HDD/SSD

4. Remove the new HDD/SSD from the external USB enclosure

5. Replace the hard drive on the laptop by the new HDD/SSD

How to clone/migrate a desktop or server?

>>> Step-by-step guide

cloning desktop

1. Connect a new HDD/SSD as the 2nd internal hard drive

2. Install DriveClone

3. Use DriveClone, select "Clone disk" to clone your 1st HDD to the new HDD/SSD

4. Connect & configure the new HDD/SSD as primary drive on a new computer

TotalRecovery USB

If you would like to migrate/clone from out-side of Windows without installing software. TotalRecovery USB is the solution for you.

Auto resizes partitions

Auto resize partitions
DriveClone makes an exact copy of a disk, and resize partitions automatically when cloning to a different size drive. The cloned drive is immediately bootable.

Incremental Cloning (Mirror Drive)

MirrorDirve draw picture
DriveClone provides data protection by incrementally cloning all files and changes made to the hard drive. You can access any files versions, modified or deleted, through Mirror drive archives and hierarchy system. In case of disaster such as system crash or data loss, simply swap the failed disk with the mirrored drive and system will continue as usual.


DriveClone Editor/Media Reviews

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How to clone large hard drive to a smaller drive

Do you have a large hard drive and are trying to clone it to a smaller drive? Did you purchase an SSD drive and the the capacity is smaller than your hard drive, but your hard drive’s used space is within the smaller drives capacity? There are many clone tools out there, but Farstone DriveClone has been the easiest, smoothest tool we’ve used thus far. ...  Another important feature is that DriveClone copies other partition formats, including the recovery partition, something not always easily accomplished with other tools.

Softpedia logo

DriveClone Server integrates an advanced set of features for cloning your hard drive, booting on a new system, and using the same programs as in the old drive. The learning curve is smooth and easy so you are not going to spend a lot of time tweaking the configuration settings.

Driveclone review 5 star

"Highly recommended program that will solve all your cloning tasks. FarStone definitely flags this software area as its own territory". The main purpose of DriveClone is to clone both SSD and HDD. This feature of DriveClone is probably its strongest point, and depending on your objective you can use different tools. For example you can update or migrate to a new PC or Server, or migrate HDD to SSD. One-click migration is supported as well. Cloning a disk includes not files and folders, but Windows, applications and their settings. The cloned Windows drive is bootable right from the beginning, without requiring you to make any special settings.  In addition, the perfect defrag feature can boost speed by 20%.

DriveClone Testimonials

"The only thing I can say is: FANTASTIC" - Stefano (Rome - Italy)

Just cloned from my 650 Gb HDD (7 partitions Sony Vaio) to a hybrid 1 TB. The only thing I can say is: FANTASTIC. Plugged in and functioned just like nothing had happened.

"Your program did exactly what it said" - Bill

my HDD which has 3 separate partitions for recovery in addition to the EFI and OS partitions. Your program did exactly what it said and that was to clone the HDD. It even allowed me to shrink the OS partition as the HDD was 750GB and the SDD was only 500 GB

"Could not have been easier, I very impressed" - Lance W.

I just used DriveClone to migrate my wife's Windows 8.1 750GB hard drive installation onto a smaller 480GB SSD. It worked great, with the default settings! DriveClone seems to have recognized unused space on her old drive and eliminated that to make a properly sized final SSD.

"my headache go away" - Jim

Concerned about partitioning and system 8.1 migration from 450g HDD (GPT) to 240gSSD, using MBR drive between (imaging). Result with this product, flawless, one step clone. All I needed was SATAII to USSB3. Changed drives and booted right up.

"it worked great" - Phillip L.

Just to say that I just cloned a drive with the product and it worked great.  my partitions being mixed with MBR and GPT but your product cloned the disk fine and all works great. Many thanks for a great product that doesn't nag, is simple to use and does exactly what its supposed to do.

"a true 'Clone' " - William E.

your product actually does provide a true 'Clone' of source drive

"new Laptop screams....!!" - Jerry H. Texas

THANKS !!! I cloned just the windows, partition, (and GPT bits) all was 3 clicks like you said. windows 8.1 (all updates) HDD >> SDD. clone: 560gb to 111gb The SSD now boots the old hdd as data space only.

"the only Cloning ... without any problems" - Wehner

recently bought a SSD and have tried several Cloning tools. Until now Farstone is the only Cloning Tool I have tried able to clone a GPT HDD to a smaller SSD without any problems.

"works like a charm" - Phoebe

I tried using your drive cloner 11, wala windows 10 and all my software now works like a charm,thank you so much...

"DriveClone gives me a little tear" - southbayčesky

just in my left eye. Perfectly cloned SSD upgrade.

DriveClone 5 stars award