RestoreIT v10

Restore PC from a virus, spyware or Windows crash

Retrieve deleted or overwritten files instantly

24/7 continuous protection

RestoreIT is an innovative real-time data & system protection solution. RestoreIT automatically creates snapshots before changes are made to your system. RestoreIT simply returns your PC to a time when it was working properly and your data was intact. In the event of data loss or system crash, RestoreIT can revert a system to a normal state in seconds. The result is all issues will be fixed no matter what went wrong. Lost data recovered and unstable system restored immediately.


RestoreIT UI

Intuitive user interface design allows users restore files and to protect their systems easily.

Why you need a RestoreIT?

  • My PC is abnormal after a Windows update
  • Install software that crashed my computer
  • I opened an attachment in an email, and my PC started having issues
  • I accidentally deleted an important document
  • My PC won't start up while I was in an airport


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RestoreIT downloads:

RestoreIT v10 download

RestoreIT Manual open it

For evaluations: Please download & install without entering a serial number

System requirements: Windows 7/8/10


RestoreIT undo

Turning back the clock restores system

RestoreIT helps releasing the fear of installing new software and Windows updates, because RestoreIT can immediately restore from a corrupted installation. It eliminates the hassles of fixing common PC problems, including accidentally deletions, system crashes, virus infections and user errors.

Main Features:

  • Restore PC from a virus attach, spyware or Windows crash
  • Undo deleted or overwritten files instantly
  • 24/7 continuous protection
  • Automatic unattended system protection
  • SMART snapshot assures virus infection can be removed
  • Restore Windows completely
  • Roll Back to pre-Virus state
  • Hot key recovery
  • Preview files in snapshots
  • Restore individual files or entire hard drive

Restore PC back in time in seconds

restore in 3 clicks

RestoreIT technology, which automatically backs up any disk alternation to a hidden partition on the local hard drive. In the event of a disaster, users simply choose how far back they would like to restore (e.g. an hour, two hours, one day, etc.) and with three clicks of a mouse, the recovery process is immediate and painless.


TotalRecovery Editor/Media Reviews

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The Bottom Line: Rating 5 out of 5
The software brings some unique capability to users that is hard to find at one place at a fair cost, around $44.95 for a single license. Taking snapshot is a kind of pretty new technology and works pretty well on the latest Windows PC. Taking snapshot of your system is easier and recovering files is easier too than we thought that it would.
Brian Chee - Infoworld review gives me everything that I decided I liked in the old Restore IT
infoworld A strong buy! In my long search for a backup/restore utility for my Windows machines, I´ve tried just about everything I could get my hands on ... What I had been wanting was...boot into a non-Windows system to do a full backup, but still be able to use that same backup to restore just the file I accidentally dumped in a mad disk cleaning frenzy. So why am I so excited about something as mundane as a backup/restore utility? ...I travel a lot and have had a disk drives die out on me... I don´t want to have to dig around for my Windows License key. I don´t want to be forced into a single vendor solution, and most importantly I´d like a restore utility that gives me back a machine ready to go without forcing me into repairing various applications.


One of the best -

RestoreIT is one of the best. With FarStone RestoreIT you can secure your data from any type of unwanted disaster that can erase your files.

ILMio Computer

FarStone RestoreIT7-The high-speed and space-saved solution restores your Windows!- ILMio Computer

Far Exceeds the Competition Erik Eckel - Tech Republic

Simply navigate the cloning application´s short wizard, and within minutes you have fully functioning cloned disks ready to deploy. Better yet, FarStone has included simple backup functionality within Snapshot. Thus, IT professionals receive not only a powerful image drive application, but additional options for regularly completing data backups. - Tech Republic