TotalRecovery Box


Backup files, Windows, settings and everything (disk imaging)

Full, incremental, and differential backup

Backup on schedule or demand, to local, remote or removable drives

TotalRecovery Pro is an all-in-one backup solution. TotalRecovery backs up files, Windows, applications, emails, settings, and partitions in a compressed image file. What makes TotalRecovery different from other backup software is that it integrates all basic and advanced features covering the needs to totally backup & protect your irreplaceable files.


Intuitive user interface design allows users to create backups and protect their systems easily.

Why you need a TotalRecovery?

  • Backup files to prevent from data loss
  • Backup Windows & system to protect from system crash
  • Migrate system
  • Rescue data from a blue-screen system
  • Automatically backup updated files

Main Features:

  • Full, incremental, and differential backup
  • Backup data, Windows, settings, partitions (imaging)
  • Open file and database backup
  • Create bootable rescue/recovery CD/USB
  • Replicate to ftp server as a duplicated backup
  • AES 256 bit encryption, compression, and password protection
  • Universal restore to similar computers
  • Rapid restore a system in minutes
  • Exclude unnecessary files, save 70G space & time
  • Email notification for status of a scheduled backup
  • Auto run pre/post commands of a scheduled backup
  • Backup to remote ftp server
  • Partition tools
  • View files in backup images
  • Backup to clouds, such as SkyDrive, Google drive, and Dropbox
  • Repair tools for boot issues
  • Hyper-v agentless backup
  • Backup on multiple destinations
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backup scheduler
  • Support VHDx virtual machine
  • Perfect Defrag during backup
  • Supports SecureBoot, UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk and RAID Systems
  • Supports FAT32, NTFS, EFS, and Windows REFS file system
  • Supports Windows 10/8/7 *
  • Centralized management console **

*: Server edition supports Windows servers

**: Included in server and workstation editions

Restore a failed Windows in a snap

restore in 3 clicks

With RapidRestore technology, TotalRecovery will only restore the files/folders that have been changed since your last backup. Thus significantly cut the restoration time from hours to minutes.

Full, Incremental, and Differential Backup

incremental backup chart

TotalRecovery backs up everything on the first time (Full backup). It would then perform incremental or differential on all future backups. Incremental mode backs up only the changed data since your previous backup. Differential mode backs up changed data since your last full backup. Ultimately, both incremental and differential modes would drastically reduce backup time.

Cover all the needs, since 1993

FarStone solutions are protecting millions of users and is a name that you can trust.


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TotalRecovery downloads:

For Home:

TotalRecovery Pro v11 download

TotalRecovery Pro Manual open it

For Business:

TotalRecovery Workstation v10.10  download

TotalRecovery Workstation Manual open it

TotalRecovery Server v10.10 download

TotalRecovery Server Manual open it

For evaluations: Please download & install without entering a serial number.

System requirements: All versions support Windows 7/8/10. Server version supports Windows Servers.


TotalRecovery USB

If you would like to make system disk imaging backups from out-side of Windows without installing software. TotalRecovery Tools is the solution for you.

All-in-one disk imaging backup solution

With TotalRecovery simply choose the disk/files you want backed up and then alter basic settings like destination, scheduling, and more. There are also advanced options which are explained in detail. Total Recovery Pro can utilize full, differential, and incremental backups.

TotalRecovery excludes Windows redundant files, such as temp files, and defrag all files on the fly before writing to the backup image. 30GB-70GB disk space saved for each backup. TotalRecovery also defrags all files and system on-the-fly during system backup.

Your data and system is totally protected

totalrecovery features
Total Recovery will be a treat for any beginner to disk-imaging software. The menu is easy to navigate and the customization options couldn’t be easier to adjust. Everything is straightforward.

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TotalRecovery Editor/Media Reviews

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Stephen Qualtrough Reviewer feature packed, reliable and efficient software

Over All

FarStone’s Total Recovery 10 is an impressive piece of software. Its reliability and value is hard to beat. Backups and restores are brilliantly simple with this program. Those who want a hassle-free experience need to take a look at this product. If you were on the fence about purchasing Total Recovery Pro, you can now buy it with confidence.

PCMag review Total Backup and Recovery covers all the needs

Reliable and up-to-date backups are extremely necessary and important. FarStone Total Backup and Recovery Server covers all the needs.
Does it well, with a simple interface and stability.



We use Farstone Total Recovery to create and manage drive images for a repair center. - Acer America

"It's a amazing" - Kouchin

It's a amazing feature especially while you use it with Console Manager of TBR Server to manage workstations of a company full of PC Muggles. Image that if there is a day a IT manager who you don't need to care what did these users did just sitting front of your pc and click restore . Bang !! just take you 5 mins to restore a system. - Kouchin

"protecting business continuity" - by DigiTimes

With centralized management, Total Backup Recovery Suit is an all-in-one backup and restore solution, recovering and protecting business continuity. - - by DigiTimes

all-in-one solution - GNT

Total Backup Recovery Series are all-in-one backup and restore solutions, providing a cost-effective infrastructure to protec important data, realise more business functions and flexibility. - by DigiTimes

simple interface and stability. - Windows Source magazine

Does it well, with a simple interface and stability. - Windows Source magazine

"Five big stars *****" - Y. J. Chen

We are VERY HAPPY to say it did the job for us. We will definitely recommend to all our customers because it's inexpensive and it does the job as advertised. Five big stars ***** Thank you, - Y. J. Chen

"Thumbs up to Farstone"

Working in the IT support sector I realized that I was guilty of not properly backing up my own home computer. I was fairly certain I wanted to be able to create a snapshot of my entire hard drive in case of a catastrophic hardware failure. I didn't want to spend the time loading the OS then loading all the applications and do the countless configuration settings.

"In few minutes the computer is back on track" - Carlos Guzman

In few minutes the computer is back on track, couple of more minutes to update software patches. Finally get a new computer image and ready for the next challenge. The same process without Farstone could take 1 to 2 days. - Carlos Guzman

“Excellent product” - Michael


Everything went perfectly, thank you and I made my first back up and restore - excellent product. Many thanks! - Michael

it does the job right - Dale Nugen

"Best back up and recovery software on the planet at any price". very easy to use, cost effective and it does the job right. I am very happy with FarStone - Dale Nugen