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Imaging backup, disk cloning, partitioning, file rescuing...

No Install

Tired of installing? TotalRecovery Tools is a perfect solution for you. TR Tools embedded with imaging backup, disk cloning, undelete files, data shredding, disk partitioning, system rescuing, and more. No software or driver installation needed. Leaves your system intact.



TotalRecovery Tools is a powerful and fool-proof PC tools-set with no installation, leaving no imprint on your system!

Why you need TotalRecovery Tools?

  • doesn't want to make any changes to my system
  • an easy PC migration & cloning tools
  • as a technician looking for data recovery & repairing tool
  • system backup imaging solution

TotalRecovery Tools Main Features:

  • Supports Windows 7/8/10 and servers
  • Plug-and-use, no installation
  • Fool proof self-bootable data recovery tool-set
  • System imaging backup
  • Rescue files in a crashed system
  • Undelete files and folders
  • Disk shredding
  • HDD/SSD cloning & migration
  • Hard disk partitioning tool
  • Auto resize paritions on disk cloning
  • Secure military grade shredder (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Support BitLocker encryption system
  • Windows Login Password Recovery
  • Auto Defrag on backup & cloning
  • Preview files in a backup image
  • Supports SecureBoot, UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk and RAID Systems
  • Supports any sizes hard disks and SSDs

Rescue your data when Windows crashes!


In the event of a PC crash due to Windows or software issues. TotalRecovery Tools is able to boot the PC into Farstone Recovery manager, where you can browse data and rescue your precious files with a peace of mind.

PC migration with no installation

TotalRecovery Tools is a complete PC backup and disk imaging on a USB flash (key) drive. You simply plug the USB key into your computer and reboot. TotalRecovery Tools allows you to save a copy of your entire hard drive to any storage location, such as external USB hard drives, shared network drives, cd/dvd's, NAS, RAID or iSCSI storages. TotalRecovery Tools also makes it easy to migrate your data to a larger (or smaller) hard drive such as upgrading to a SSD.

Military grade shredder

Securely purge all sensitive data permanently! Delete everything on a disk before assigning to a new employee, donating, or throwing it away.

TotalRecovery Tools

1 USB + 1 CD

3 x (USB & CD)





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Manual open it

Quick guide open it

System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 & Windows Servers.


Upgrade/migrate a laptop with TR USB

>>> Step-by-step guide

cloning laptop

1. Insert a new HDD/SSD in an external USB enclosure & connect it to your laptop

2. Boot up system with TR USB *

3. From main UI, select "Clone disk" to clone your laptop to the new HDD/SSD

4. Remove the new HDD/SSD from the external USB enclosure

5. Replace the hard drive on the laptop by the new HDD/SSD



Upgrade/migrate a desktop or server with TR USB

>>> Step-by-step guide

cloning desktop

1. Connect a new HDD/SSD as the 2nd internal hard drive

2. Boot system with TR USB

3. From the main UI, select "Clone disk" to clone your 1st HDD to the new HDD/SSD

4. Connect & configure the new HDD/SSD as primary drive on a new computer

Smart Defrag

TR USB performs its defragmentation on-the-fly during the data migration, which allows the new drive to be compacted and increase disk performance by 20%. TRT excludes unnecessary files from cloning, such as Windows and browser temp files; On average, it saves between 10GB-70GB drive space and cloning time. Smart cloning is especially important for SSD migration where disk space is essential.

Boot from TR USB

How to boot from USB flash

This video demos booting from the USB of FarStone TotalRecovery Tools. In order to enter BIOS settings & configure booting options, you need to press F12 during booting up on a Dell Inspiron-17 laptop. You might need to use other keys for other computers. Here is a summary of keys used by most popular computers.

Press F12 when booting
Secure Boot Disabled
Boot Option set to Legacy
Set boot sequence

Press Esc when booting
Select "Boot options"
Click "FarstoneTRTxxx" (if boot from USB flash)

Press Esc when booting
select CD or USB to boot
Press Del when booting to enter BIOS setting
Disable UEFI boot
change boot sequence

Click F2 when booting
Select "boot mode" then change UEFI to Legacy
Set boot options

press Del when booting
Change booting sequence



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works perfectly - Gary

Cloning one drive to another works perfectly, with software licensing intact

I found this powerful tools - Tom

Finally, I found this powerful tools. I was looking for this for long time. I really like Total Tools.

that saves my time - Bob

I must say this is a great tool that saves my time.  I have a small shop that fix computers.

It worked. - William

It worked. Thank you! I used Farstone USB to upgrade my system with a new 1TB 2.5" WD hard drive. It is handy without installation. It worked.


TotalRecovery Tools is the most user friendly bit of backup gadgetry I have ever seen. This is THE TOOL FOR YOU!